Being a Fan And a Foodie

When you are not just a fan but a foodie, what you’re going to be munching on at the game might be just as exciting as the game itself. Although the tradition of baseball is something we all value, sometimes it is hard to just settle for a hot dog and garlic fries at a ball game. With all the new tasty treats that have learned to call AT&T park home, it can be difficult to make a choice on what you want to indulge in- that’s where I come in. I have spent many games making my way around the stadium to make your decision easier. To help me navigate my way, I used this map. Whether your seats are in club level, out by the bleachers or in view reserve, I have narrowed down the best and most delicious options for your ballpark experience!


Centerfield is filled with the some of parks best foods. The first and possibly most decedent in this area is Crazy Crab’z. At this ballpark favorite, you can get the best lobster sandwich between two perfectly toasted and buttered pieces of sourdough bread. This place will undoubtedly leave you mouth watering until the ninth inning. Another center field stop I find myself always wanting to go back to is Orlando’s Caribbean BBQ. Cha-Cha bowls are packed full of beans, rice, meat and their famous (and mildly addicting) pineapple-zucchini salsa. My third centerfield go-to is the mojitos. You can also get these at Orlando’s. Some other options you can find behind the bleachers are Pier 44 Chowder House, Outta Here Cheesesteaks and Anchor Grill. However you need to be careful with some of these centerfield stops, it will be hard to go back to your more basic options after trying some of these treats.


Promenade Level, Lower Box and View Reserve

These regions of the park are the areas around majority of the seating. Here you find all the baseball classics we talk about before, plus another few AT&T Park specialties. If you can work up the will power to walk beyond the garlic fries, you will stumble upon Murph’s Pub. This Irish inspired stop will provide you with their well-known Irish fries, corned beef sandwiches and fish and chips. Even with these being the more simple foodie options, they have always been far from disappointing.



Club Level

Club level is the area with the most premium seating along with the most premium food. You are getting your money’s worth in food on this level. In Club Level, you can indulge in everything from sushi to baked potatoes. The full bar and wine bar has people constantly roaming the common areas. In this exclusive region of the park you are excluded from the public and the fine dining in this level adds to the enhanced experience.






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