Meet Lou


Within the baseball industry, players frequently come and go from teams. Losing your favorite player can be heart breaking but luckily for Giants fans, we have a valuable member of our team who isn’t going anywhere. Luigi Francisco Seal (Lou Seal) is the mascot of the San Francisco Giants and a member we can count on to stick around. Lou Seal has become an asset to our team and a main source of entertainment on game day. However, there is someone else aside from Lou that we can thank for these attributes.

The man under the mask for the past 1,500 games is Joel Zimei. While Lou Seal is just about to be 21 year sold, Zemei is 38. Although the job seems like a fun and games, running around with a 25 mask on isn’t always easy. Zimei said that he goes through 2 costumes a night and loses about 7 pounds of water weight a game. Now, that is worth those World Series rings if you ask me!


On game day, you can catch Lou Seal dancing on top of the dugouts, riding around the field on mini cars or walking around the park interacting with fans. While in costume, Zemei says he likes to mess with the men fans, flirt with the women and approach the children slower while reaching out a hand, letting them make their own reaction. However, when Zemei is out of character he has a normal life of his own.

Zemei actually met his wife, Sierra Lesjack, at AT&T Park. She worked in the Club Level Bar at the same time he was the mascot. Zemei used to tease her while in costume during the games and during the Pittsburg All-Star game he asked her to be his wife. Of course, it was not that simple. Zemei went all out in true Lou Seal fashion, and proposed to her with a 16-foot-banner in front of thousands of fans. It looks like Lou Seal has maybe impacted his life a more than he could have ever imagined!

Luigi Francisco Seal has changed the way Giants’ fans love our team, players and being at games and we have Joel Zemei to thank for all of these memories.






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