Spring Forward into Scottsdale


As another season comes to an end, we can feel our off-season blues catching back up with us. All Winter long we find ourselves waiting for that time of year to come back around, but there isn’t any better way to anticipate the season than by filling a seat at Scottsdale Stadium.Each year 15 of the MLB teams head down to Scottsdale to prove and show-off what they have in store for the upcoming season. Scottsdale Stadium is the pre-season home of the San Francisco Giants. While we know you’ll love to call this park home almost as much as AT&T, we’re going to give you a look at some of the things we love to in in the area that contribute to making Scottsdale our home away from home.


All over Scottsdale you will find shopping centers, boutiques and malls- but one shopping district blows those all out of the water. Fashion Square is located just out of downtown Scottsdale and is recognized as one of the biggest tourist spots in the area. This mall is 3 stories tall and has over 240 stores to offer. Everything from Nordstrom, Forever 21, Gucci and GameStop can be found in this mall, and if you keep an eye out you may even spot one of your favorite MLB players!

Fashion Square is fully equipt with valet services, up-scale dining and concierge services to give you information on the area, hotels and shuttle services. The Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau is also located inside- answering any additional questions you have about the area.



The Culinary Dropout is a must-dine while in the Scottsdale area. Conveniently located just right by Fashion Square, Culinary Dropout has become one of Scottsdale’s favorite dining experiences. Culinary Dropout embraces the “no-rules” concept and provides you with food and an environment you won’t forget. They specialize in American and pub type foods and are known for their specialty drinks and unique atmosphere. Although this establishment is one of the nicer attractions in Scottsdale, the happy hour and appetizer menus are geared towards diners of all ages.



Our other favorite place to indulge would have to be EVO. EVO is a timeless Italian restaurant, that focuses on the Italian classics with a modern twist. They  rely on fresh ingredients to keep their customers full, happy, healthy and most importantly satisfied. EVO creates loyal customers by providing everyone with excellent service, extensive food and beverage menus and a finer dining atmosphere.



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